Monday, 4 August 2014

Bank allegedly defrauds P-Square’s Peter Okoye - Report

Psquare’s Peter Okoye has threatened to expose one of the top banks in Nigeria for defrauding him of money believed to be millions of Naira, the Daily Post is reporting.
Acording to the report, he has been banking with the financial institution for six years now.
Revealing the act on his Instagram page, he didn’t talk on the nature of the fraudulent transaction but threatened to expose the bank if his money is not returned before Friday.

His Instagram post reads,  "Has any1 experienced fraudulent transactions with a BANK before?.... Cos am about to EXPOSE one of the bank i have been with for over 6yrs."
This was yesterday #rd August. Another post which appears to be put up this morning reads "return all my money or I will EXPOSE you and SUE you. I will reveal the BANK on Friday 8th of August. 5days to go #finalwarning"

Sources: Daily Post, Instagram

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