Thursday, 12 June 2014

World Cup 2104: Google Celebrates Brazil With Doodle

Of course Google is used to creating and displaying doodles on its search engine home page to commemorate important dates as well as prominent people of the world that made history. The 2014 FIFA World Cup is not left out this time. 

To Celebrate with Brazil, Google has put up another doodle on it's search engine home page. The doodle portrays the beautiful landscape in the city of Rio de Janeiro, with the tiny display of Cristo Redentor statue which can be spotted on a hill far away. The image also gives a vivid sense of livelihood with the Google letters turned into emoticons and the strength of the sun that lightens up the city. 

This doodle speaks volume of how much bustling the city will be entertaining this season. The city which is being portrayed Rio de Janeiro (second largest city in Brazil) here, is a representation of the country, Brazil. You can only imaging a country hosting many millions of people from around the world. 

The doodle has two links. The first on top leads to previously created doodles and the second link gives you the ability to share on, their social media site - Google+ (trust Google) - and then Facebook and Twitter.

Thumbs up to Google. Great job there!

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