Friday, 27 June 2014

Never Miss A Moment in Brazil With Airtel Start App.

Have you updated your Airtel Start App? Well if you have not, you are missing a lot and especially if you have not installed it on your Smartphone before. The Airtel start app now has a new update. The new update features;
  • A more beautiful and user friendly interface
  • A new football 2014 icon which gives you game schedule and hot news from Brazil.
The beautiful thing about this new update is that it saves you the stress of searching endlessly through your phone for just one app that can give you update from Brazil.

Now with Airtel Start App you are just one slide away. Really? Yes, really and truly.  

See below for screenshot of the app.

Update/download your Airtel start app here right away and never miss a moment in Brazil again.

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