Monday, 30 June 2014

Google Unveils Android One @ I/O

Last week during the Google I/O Conference, Google announced the new Android One line that targets emerging markets. The senior vice president, Sundar Pichai makes it known that the new Android One  will be affordable  and with fair specs and with unique Android experience.
Christiantoday shares top five reasons why Google's new Android One program will be a huge success.

Cheaper price tag
One of the attractive features of the Android One program is its friendly price tag. According to Google's announcement, the Android One program will bring much affordable smartphones with a price tag around $100 (N16,293 @ 162/Dollars).
Low end smartphones do not really cost that much as it does not pack the same features as high end smartphones, which make them attractive to emerging markets as well as first time smartphone users. That was exactly Google's plan, which is to aim for developing countries with a lot of people opting for cheaper handsets.

Fast Android OS updates
The Android One program is basically the Nexus line for emerging markets. Google said that Android One will get fast Android OS updates since the smartphones will pack pure Android mobile software. The company also announced that the handset will be stripped off of skins and user interface from their mobile manufacturers and will offer pure Android experience. Thus, it will follow the same logic of Nexus and Google Play Edition devices.

Fair specs and features
Although the Android One smartphones lack stellar and head turning features such as magnificent screen display with insane resolution, lightning speed processor, and days' worth of battery life, the handset pack considerable specs and features such as FM Radio, Dual SIM support, and microSD card slot. Google added that the Android One will pack a 4.7 inches screen.

Less prone to theft
Since the Android One handset can be bought cheaply, it is less prone to theft unlike high end devices such as iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S5. In the unfortunate incident that the handset is lost or stolen, it is easy to buy a replacement.

Perfect alternative and back up device
Android One handset can be a perfect alternative to expensive smartphones out there, especially if you are looking for device that can still do the things a high end smartphone can minus the high price tag. The handset also proved to be a good back up device since the handset offers specs and features that suffice.

Source: christiantoday

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