Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Google Educates Easy Taxi Drivers On Google Map

A popular saying goes, "you don't teach old dog new tricks." However, with everything going digital, old dogs will have to learn new tricks.

Recently a report reveals that Easy Taxi, an online on-demand car service company, organized training on Google Map for their licensed drivers. The training is being facilitated by Google Nigeria.

The report confirms that; "In response to the high level of illiteracy amongst Lagos drivers on the use of maps and GPS, Easy Taxi Nigeria, a Rocket Internet-backed taxi hailing startup, has decided to invite personnel from Google Nigeria to train the drivers on the use and importance of Google map and Global Positioning System GPS. 

Easy Taxi recognizes the importance of maps for navigation and for tracking and safety of both the driver and the passengers. According to the CEO of Easy Taxi Nigeria, Bankole Cardoso, Easy Taxi drivers can now compete with international drivers who are more informed on the use of Google map while Easy Taxi, Community Manager, Miss Rita Achebe said ‘with the training Easy Taxi Nigeria drivers have received today, they will be able to get to their clients faster and easier which will reduce our clients waiting time

The company, Easy Taxi started operations in Nigeria in July 2013. The company promises to create efficiencies in the Nigerian transportation network by bringing business innovation to the country’s urban transportation challenge.

Source: TechMoran


  1. How will Lagos driver comprehend maps and gps
    Operation teaching

  2. I found my private lessons to be instrumental in my training, and would highly recommend this driving school. I may even call them for a brush up once I'm in the vehicle I'm buying.
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