Thursday, 22 May 2014

Microsoft Wows With New Surface Pro 3

Earlier this week Microsoft took a giant leap into the device market. The company launched its 12-inch Surface Pro 3, what reporters described as "laptop killer". Surface Pro 3 is likely going to be the next evolution of productivity. The device is built to handle stuff that normal laptop will handle.

According to Mashable, "the Surface Pro 3, which comes with a multi-position kickstand, isn't aiming to take on other tablets, but rather the MacBook Air. Microsoft has its eyes set on getting business professionals on board with its new design."

The Microsoft Corporate VP of Surface during an interview expressed, “Yeah,” he answered without hesitation. “I think you have to characterize it that way. I don’t want to be shy about that. For sure, I think Satya’s [Nadella, Microsoft CEO] direction is to push us to be the most productive company. I think the words are, ‘We are obsessed with it,’ and I think we should be. That’s what people expect, and I’m proud to follow that direction.”

The pre-sale started yesterday with an opening price of $799 for an Intel Core i3 version. Devices with i5 and i7 processors will also be available.