Monday, 19 May 2014

Billboard Music Award Highlights

The much anticipated Billboard music award took place yesterday with so much energy filling the air. Amongst so many performances that was staged, Michael Jackson's performance stood out. As a matter of fact, you will be tempted to think he was resurrected to stage the performance but it is actually a hologram of the king of pop.

That being said, the focus of the day is who won what at the Billboard Music Award.

Last year, it was Taylor Swift who won most of the Awards, this time it's in Justin Timberlake's court. Justin Timberlake made a clean sweep of six awards to include: Artist of the Year Award, Top Male Artist Award, Billboard Music Award for Top Billboard 200 Artist, Top Radio Songs Artist Award, Top R&B Artist Award and his Album
(The 20/20 Experience) made the Top Billboard 200 Album.
Justin Timberlake, age 33, is an American singer-songwriter, an actor, a record producer, a businessman, as well as a philanthropist. A few of his most recent and popular songs include "Mirror" and "Not A Bad Thing" from the same Album (The 20/20 Experience). 

Some other Artist who won the Billboard Music Award include:

        Lorde                  Top New Artist

        Bon Jovi              Top Touring Artist

        Katy Perry           Top Female Artist

        Justin Bieber       Top Social Artist

        Miley Cyrus        Top Streaming Artist

        Eminem               Top Rap Artist

        Katy Perry           Top Digital Songs Artist        
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Source: Billboard

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  1. Justin Timberlake deserves those award.....he is good....