Monday, 12 May 2014

Adobe Voice, New Adobe Storytelling App for iPad

Image Credit: Adobe
Early February,  Facebook launched Paper, its own storytelling app, and now adobe has its own storytelling app called Adobe Voice. Unlike Facebook, Adobe voice gives you a way to easily create and share animated videos that combine images, music, voice recordings and special effects. 

The app is meant be simple to use, and provide people — especially those who may not be able to use traditional video-editing software — with ways to tell stories through video. 

 A report from Mashable reveals that "the company said it envisions the app to be particularly useful in schools, where students and teachers may want to create interactive videos, but don't necessarily have the knowledge or resources to use conventional video software. Adobe even had students and teachers test the app during its beta period"

The app is free and it is only available for iPad.

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