Thursday, 24 April 2014

Yahoo Vs Gmail: Which Would You Go For?

Remember some years back when you first opened your electronic mail? Back then, those old computers at the cyber cafe looked like a big deal. The guy at the cyber cafe probably had to put you through so many things including signing up. Then what we had was Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail but now we have a lot more like Gmail, Outlook, even the most recent which is Mailbox by DropBox.

There's being a lot of improvements on each of these services over the years. We have seen them include more features and functionality to serve users. The need to be able to send larger files has been met by Google integrating cloud storage into it's mail service. Yahoo too has improved on it's user interface to enhance user experience. Today we want to hear from you. Since you can't do without your emails, tell us which one of these mail services serves you better. Which do you think responds faster and also tell us what you enjoy about their service.

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Let's make this fun.


  1. G-mail..there are lot of services and product you get to enjoy with G-mail

  2. For Me, I prefer GMAIL Because you get to enjoy all Google Services with just one Google Account. One of them is the ability to comment on this Blog with my Google Account.

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