Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Almighty Facebook Boss, Mark Zuckerberg Earns $1 in 2013

If you are to guess how much Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook guy earns in salary annually, what would be your response? $500+ million?

Well, you will find it interesting that he actually earns $1 as salary for the whole of last year. Yes. $1. You will wonder, what the heck! Well its nothing out of this world. Steve Jobs did the same as the CEO of Apple.
In case you are in doubt, a report by SEC filed on Monday confirms this. Though he is earning that little in salary is net worth is estimated at $27 billion.

Lets face it. Why do you think he is it earning that almost nothing in such a big company. Share below.

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  1. I guess he is not on the company's payroll the $1 thing is just formality maybe he gets a percentage of the company's profit before re-investing cos that will explain the networth