Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Samsung To Release Update To Improve On Its Gear Fit

Samsung has listened to some of the complaints, and is pushing out a software update for the fitness device, which alters the horizontal display so it now reads in portrait, vertically. Why is this a big deal? The Gear Fit’s horizontal screen looks fine when holding the device in front of you, but made it rather awkward to read and use when it was strapped to your wrist.

Samsung’s solution to it flips everything on its side. Whether this will  help change anyone’s mind about the Gear Fit, may depend on how you intend to use it. In a video showing the Fit with the update applied, we can see the menus are now easier to view, but it doesn’t delve down into the notifications to see how they’ve been altered. If these are unchanged, then the Fit’s inherent flaw may still remain. 

Additionally, the Gear Fit in the video is set to display Korean characters, and once it’s set to show English characters, it may not be quite so effective.

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