Friday, 4 April 2014

New York Based Start-up Develops Body Dryer

Have you ever thought about a device or machine that could do your towelling for you after bath?

A New York based start-up has developed body dryer that dry your body after bath.

Wondering how it works? Simple. After having your bath, you can just switch it on by the side and then step on it. It then blows breeze upward to dry your wet body. It works pretty much like the hand dryer you see around so is really nothing out of this world.

The remarkable thing is that it is quite portable unlike the previous body dryers that is built like an enclosed jacuzzi. Sounds like it is finally going to make you so indolent right? Well, perhaps not. It is built to to replace bacteria filled and environmentally harmful bathroom towels.

The start Up is currently raising funds to produce in large quantity. It has raised up to $36,206 already out of its $50,000 target. The body dryer should go for around $250. So no more towelling.


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