Friday, 25 April 2014

New Update Integrates SMS into Hangout

Google seem to be on its way to turning its social media chat app - Google+ Hangout - to a regular messaging service (SMS) on Android phones. A recent update release for Hangout makes this a very strong indication. This new update makes it possible to integrate your SMS into your hangout. The moment you turn on SMS on your hangout, the app automatically imports all your messages into Hangout. So, with just a swipe to the left you can access your SMS messages and you can swipe back to the right to bring on Hangout

However, this integration is not available on all Android phones yet. It is only on versions 4.0 and higher. To show you that Google really means business, the Hangout is already a default text-messaging app on Google's Nexus 5.

Now, this is the point where you will have to ask, is Google+ really the future of social media?  


  1. Maybe i dont really feel google+ that much

  2. Another nice one from Google. Google is trying to make everyone dependent on it.