Tuesday, 29 April 2014

LinkedIn Review

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Amidst several online networking platforms all over the world, LinkedIn is no doubt, the largest professional network with over 225 million users in about 200 countries and territories around the globe including Nigeria. It has several features that help professionals build profiles and connect seamlessly to amazing networks around the world. Amongst these several features, our focus today includes:
  1. LinkedIn Personal account: With this you can build your personal career profile and add your skills. Also you can connect with friends, colleague, classmate, and people you have done business with. The connection works at different levels. 1st level connections are the people you have in your immediate network, more like your friends on Facebook. While 2nd level connections are people who are connected with someone you are connected with (i.e. 1st level) but is not yet in your immediate network just as illustrated below.

    Unlike Facebook, the site offers two grades of account- the basic which is free and the premium (of course, you incur cost). For features and pricing details, please use this link. If you are seeking employment your premium account ensures that you;

    • get noticed with a Job Seeker Badge,
    • stand out as a featured applicant, 
    • and you will also be able to directly contact hiring managers via InMail services.

    Another benefit you will enjoy in premium grade is that you will have full details of personalities who viewed your profile. With this you can track the kind of persons or organizations peeking at you. While with the basic version you will have limited details.

  2. Company account: This is a great feature that allows you to create a page for your organizations where you can easily share updates of organization’s current happenings. Your company account is a great tool for marketing your company as this can help you generate leads to your company site. It also gives the company the opportunity to get exposure to top level professional depending on how you sell the company to the public.

    Mind you, it might be impossible for you to open the account without the company’s domain email. That is, you@yourcomany.com.

  3. Group account: Here you can create a forum to discuss topics or issues as the case may be. There is the open group which is free to access and the members only which is secured and can only be accessed if permission is granted.

  4. Jobs: This feature brings up several vacancies that are available in companies that are on LinkedIn. The fascinating thing about this feature is that it displays vacancies based on your profile. So, it’s important that while building your profile on the site, you should give preference to documenting skills and experiences in specific areas you’re seeking employment or advancing in your career as the case may be.
LinkedIn, generally is a great tool to grow both your career and your business connection if well utilized. One of the tricks of the trade you should know is to join groups where you can provide relevant information, statistics and research by doing this you are adding value. Another trick is to get introduction or recommendation from your employer, boss, or colleague. Hope you’ll utilize this tool as you grow your network.

Happy networking!!!

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  1. Nice article to sharing this post thank you.........

  2. I like Linked in but growing your Linked in Network is quite tasking.