Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Google Takes Advantage Of Windows XP's "Death" To Promote Chromebook

Yesterday, Microsoft technically buried its ancient Operating System (OS), Windows XP. The software company emphasized the need to change to a modern OS on its site. Meanwhile, Google being smart enough, has use that as an opportunity to promote its Chromebook which is built on web OS.

Google particularly use words like "Switch" to canvass people to adopt its web OS. According to Google's blog
"Even Microsoft admits: It’s time for a real change, rather than more of the same. Chromebooks for Business offers you a secure and easy-to-use computing experience, along with a central web-based management console and lower total cost of ownership"
Moreover, the company is offering a number of deals to attract more customers.
You can visit the site for details of the offerings.


  1. Windows should have let xp be....i like xp

  2. Well I think Microsoft had to Bury Windows XP.