Thursday, 24 April 2014

Device Review: Nokia X

The much talk about Nokia X seems to be what most Nokia fans have being waiting for. The phone should at least give them something to brag about when the Samsung or Tecno freaks are talking. Don't forget, it is a mid-tier smartphone that runs on Nokia X Software Platform 1.0. What that means is that it is a modified Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2.  So it is not exactly an android phone. If you get a hold of it you will actually think it is a low-end version of Nokia Lumia or Nokia Asha. You know why? Because there is absolutely nothing that suggests that it is an Android phone.

By the way, important point people neglect, mostly at point of purchase is cost of maintenance. People are fond of checking how cool it looks on the outside, but seldom think about how much they will have to keep spending on monthly basis after purchase. How much data your phone consumes is something you really have to look into. Much like the Opera browser, Nokia claims to have a data compression technology built into their browsers. According to them, the browser compresses web pages and reduces data downloads by up to 90 per cent, which means that you could save up to 90 per cent on your costs as well. This in-built technology
makes the device cost effective.
You can further reduce cost when you send “FB” to 688 to activate the Nokia X Airtel data offer. This offer gives you access to chat on WhatsApp, BBM and Facebook for six months at zero cost. Yes ZERO cost. This offer is exclusive to Nokia X.

The user interface of Nokia X is totally different from any other Android devices around. Unlike other Android devices, Nokia came up with its own unique user interface which looks a lot more like Lumia with its tiles but don't be disappointed if the tiles are not active like Lumia.
However, its store still gives you access to millions of apps that are available on Google Play Store. So rejoice, for you can now download all the apps you want including the BBM.
The smartphone runs on a 512 MB RAM and 1.0 GHz dual-core processor speed.

Generally, the interface is pretty simple to understand. And really, if you like the idea of the simple style of iPhone, it is likely that you love this one.  It has only three keys unlike others. The volume key and the power/unlock key by the right side. The third is the home screen which is at the base of the screen. So, you don't really need to sweat so much to get to where you are going. All the apps are on the home screen just swipe up and/or down and you are right there. You also have the fast lane that quickly takes you to your recent apps, calls or messages. Still trying to maintain durability with this device, its simplicity is kept intact.
Other interesting features of the phone ranges from its 3 MP rear camera and a display of 4.0 in (10 cm) 800×480. It’s not bad within its class.

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  1. Nokia x great phone i always say is a lumia phone that support android

  2. I don't know why it took Nokia so long to come up with this phone. If Nokia came up with this phone earlier, I'm sure the likes of Tecno and Infinix wouldn't be so popular. #NokiaStillTheBoss

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