Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Amazon Now Owns Comixology, A Comic Site.

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A Report from TechCrunch has revealed that the largest bookseller in the world, Amazon now owns Comixology. Comixology is a digital comic website whose role in distributing comics online cannot be undermined. According to the report, Comixology brought digital comics distribution to the masses, and essentially forced big publishers like DC and Marvel to get with it and start distributing titles on the same day in print and via digital channels.

Amazon acquiring a company like Comixology is a huge deal, because the company brings a lot of value to its table. Amazon is not going to just have comics like Avenger, Spider-Man, X-Men and a lot more on its Kindle but will also enjoy the relationship of the publishers of these comics. It also means the company will now capture more children to make use of its products. That's some reasonable segment of the market.


  1. Good For Amazon. They want to keep been the largest online bookseller in the world.