Thursday, 10 April 2014

Alcohoot: Puts Your Alcohol Drinking In Check

Alcohoot is a breathanalyzing app that tracks your consumption and reveals your
drinking trends. So, how does it work? The app has a device plugged into your smartphone directly through the headphone jack tracking

The app helps discover how your body reacts to alcohol so you can drink better and make smarter choices. you can use your unique and personal data to learn how to drink better and avoid ending your night too early.

Alcohoot is based on fuel cell technology, which is the same technology used by professional police breathalyzers.
Alcohoot fits easily to any pocket or purse, and at only 50 grams is easy to carry around anywhere.
The app is available on Android as well as iOS.


  1. Nice innovation. From your mobile phone, U can measure how drunk a person is.