Friday, 21 March 2014

Twitch Enables Live Streaming Feature For Mobile Games

Twitch has announced the first ever mobile game to feature its live streaming functionality.
Gameloft’s Asphalt 8: Airborne — a mobile arcade racing game where players race against AI or other players — for iOS is getting the honor. The mobile streamer will be able to utilize most of the same hosting features available on PC and consoles like the Xbox One and the PS4, including broadcasting voice and video for commentary purposes and using the built-in microphone and front-facing camera of any iOS device.

It’s a big announcement from Twitch, a company that provides a popular streaming platform — where peak Internet traffic beats Hulu, Facebook and Amazon — for broadcasters playing PC games, console games and, now, mobile games. Though the current mobile gaming landscape is small compared to the PC and console audiences, Marcus “djWHEAT” Graham, an eSports veteran and Twitch’s senior manager of partnerships, sees parallels between the early stages of console and mobile streaming. (Graham has played and broadcasted video games professionally for over eight years.)

The decision to pursue the global mobile gaming market comes from the potential of a huge market that encompasses anyone with a smartphone. For Twitch, the next game-changing, popular mobile game doesn’t exist yet, but the way current mobile game crazes have exploded recently, there's good reason to believe that it will.Even in a gaming world that is largely dominated by console and PC gamers, Twitch believes that mobile could add creative elements to the streaming, mobile and larger gaming scenes, especially in regards to the competitive element features like leaderboards bring to mobile gaming.

As for the future, Twitch still plans to continue working on its current PC and console platforms and technology, while still exploring the huge, unknown potential of the mobile market and working with other mobile game developers to add the streaming functionality to their games. That said, Graham wasn’t afraid to speculate on what could be on the horizon for Twitch.

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