Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Taylor Swift Makes The Biggest Bucks In Music - Billboard

A recent release from Billboard Spells out the list of top forty money makers in the music industry. The list is being reviewed annually and for 2013, Taylor Swift has been named to be the #1 amongst the first 10. The 23 years old singer makes her money through merchandising, branding and sponsorships.

Other artists on the Billboard's top ten money Makers 2014:

1. Taylor Swift - $39.7m
2. Kenny Chesney - $32.9m
3. Justin Timberlake - $31.5m
4. Bon Jovi - $29.4m
5. Rolling Stones - $26.2m
6. Beyoncé - $24.4m
7. Maroon 5 - $22.3m
8. Luke Bryan- $22.1m
9. Pink - $20m
10. Fleetwood Mac - $19m


  1. Where are d bados that always sing about money i cant see there names here, maybe is becos am not with my glasses

  2. Wait is this an average of the money they made in 2013, the total money they made in 2013 or their net worth in 2013? We need to know.

    But I expected Jay Z to be on the list.

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