Monday, 10 March 2014

Receive Calls From Google Hangout


If you are conversant with attending conferences on Google Hangout on your laptop or PC, you might find it difficult at times to join, especially when you need to join a conference meeting online and you are not just in a conducive environment to use your laptop. Well, no sweat, Uberconference gets you in the meeting from your phone. Uberconference is an app that makes it easy to receive calls from Google Hangout. Lets create a scenario for further clarification. You have a conference meeting with your friends or colleague and then you forgot doing some other thing. Others can easily call your mobile phone to get you on as long as you have the Uberconference app of course on your smartphone.

With Uberconference, you can start and schedule conference calls on the go. Create instant calls with a click and schedule calls by simply selecting contacts and picking a meeting time. During the call, you'll see your conference in action, who's there and who's talking, just like on the web.

The app is developed for both smartphones and laptop. The smartphone app features include:
  • Instant conferences which allows you to choose participants, and they'll be dialed to join right away.
  • Schedule Conferences just like on the web
  • After your call, you'll get a summary with all the details of the call.
  • You can record your calls and listen to MP3s of them later.
  • The conference page shows you who's on the call and who's talking
  • While on a call, you can see your participants' LinkedIn profiles and more.
The app is available on android and will be on iOS soon.

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