Tuesday, 25 March 2014

PlayStation Vita's New Update Enhances Home Screen

The next PlayStation Vita firmware update brings the Sony handheld up to version 3.10, adding a number of new features, including the long-asked-for ability to display more than 10 app icons on the home screen. With v3.10, you’ll be able to have as many as 500 items listed there, which should help eliminate the increasingly lengthy process of page-flipping required to scroll through the device’s installed software.

The Vita update also adds a few more new features, including an update to the Content Manager that offers a clearer view of what’s saved on your memory card and how much space it takes up, a Calendar app for those who would like their Vita to pull double-duty as a personal planner, and the ability to send and receive voice messages to and from PlayStation 4 users, using the existing Messages app.
A small but impactful usability update for the Vita, v3.10 should please all users. The expanded content manager is especially helpful, since you’ll now be able to check memory usage by content type and delete data from within the app. You can find more details on what’s new in the update in Sony’s PlayStation Blog post.

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