Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Microsoft Chair, Bill Gates Made Forbes Most Richest Again

Earlier this week forbes released an update on the list of the richest perons in the world. Topping this list is the chairman of Microsoft, Bill Gates with a net worth of $76 B. It is said that the Microsoft company is one of his sources of wealth. However, it is also said that he is a self made man.
Other Technology giants that made the first 25 include; Larry Ellison of Oracle with net worth $48 B ranked 5th, Larry Page of Google with net worth of $32.3 B ranked 17th, Jeff Bezos of Amazon net worth of $32 B ranked 18th, and following closely is Sergey Brin of Google with net worth of $31.8 B while the 21st is Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook with $28.5 B.

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