Tuesday, 11 March 2014

London To Install Smart Pedestrian Crossing System

With so much technological advancement happening everyday, the city of London is taking advantage of it to keep its people safer. The city has started planning to install smart pedestrian crossing systems by equipping its crossings with a bunch of sensors and devices.

This Smart Crossing systems uses cameras mounted on traffic lights to detect if pedestrians are piling up, and it automatically adjusts signals to give large crowds longer time to cross the road. In the future, the reverse might also be true: the city's transportation agency plans to tweak it so that lights change more quickly when everyone's safely on the other side. 

The London Mayor, Boris Johnson said: "I am delighted that London is the first city in the world to be trialling this cutting-edge equipment, which will benefit pedestrians across the city.

"This really is a fantastic example of how London is leading the way by using 21st century technology to help make it easier for people to get around our great city. Innovation like this is key to keeping London moving efficiently and making our roads safer for everyone to use."

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