Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Inside Outlook

If you have a Hotmail.com or Live.com account, Outlook offers you a totally brand new email experience. And if you don’t have a Microsoft-branded email account, the software giant hopes that you’ll give Outlook.com a chance.

Microsoft of course used to be the leader in email. It also used to be the leader in search, in web browsing, and pretty much computers in general. But once it had to start facing competition, things went downhill fast. Indeed, Hotmail is nowhere near the juggernaut that it used to be. It still has a lot of users, but the features don’t compare to newer, better maintained options. Even so, there is one thing that Microsoft can do very well, spend money.

Here’s a breakdown of why you might want to consider Outlook.com, or just stick with Gmail or YahooMail account you’ve had way too long…
The best of Outlook.com

Office integration
Just like with Surface, Microsoft is playing its trump card with Office integration in Outlook.com. Users can open up Word, Excel, (etc.) documents from their email, and edit them without leaving the Outlook.com experience. Google’s connection with its Google Docs platform is very similar, but Microsoft gets points here because Google Docs is still far from being as ubiquitous as Microsoft Office.

No file size limits
Outlook.com has a 300MB attachment limit, but users who want to send over bulkier content can do so seamlessly by connecting with Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage platform. Yahoo does not have a similar platform that is tightly integrated into YahooMail.

Social connectivity
If you want to tie in social media and email, Gmail shoehorns you into Google+, but Outlook.com lets you sync with your Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Skype accounts. It’s possible to poke your friends, retweet something, and write on walls all day long, without leaving the Outlook.com interface. Sounds interesting right?

Advertising privacy
According to its sensationalistic ads, Microsoft does not offers your email content to advertisers unlike Google and Yahoo. So you can send anything you want to your friends knowing that it will never end up in the eyes of corporations that want to sell you stuff.

So Outlook.com does provide a pretty nice list of exclusive features, but Gmail has millions and millions of users for a reason. Here are some of the unique features Gmail offers that you still won’t find with Microsoft’s email platform.

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  1. Have not logged into my outlook account for months