Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Creoir Ibis Sleek And Stylish Smartwatch

Just in case luxury watch is what makes your head spin, you might as well want to know about this smartwatch. No doubt, smartwatch concepts are fast making wave in the mobile device market these days  as a complementary accessory and Creoir's Ibis won't be an exception.
Unveiled last week at  MWC is the Ibis Smartwatch. 
The Ibis concept is one that combines beauty and functionality. It has a dual-screen layout, with a traditional analog quartz watch mounted above a small OLED touchscreen, keeping the traditionalist happy and still indulging the inner geek. The body is crafted from stainless steel, and clearly designed for women in this case, while the screen is covered in crystal. 
The full specs include:
• Low power optimised Android platform with custom UI
• Interoperable with iOS and Android
• OLED display with integrated touch
• Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0 and USB connectivity
• Accelerometer, e-compass and ambient light sensor
• Stainless steel and crystal materials
• Remote control and notifications with your smart 

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  1. Tech advancing i wonder what we will be in 2 years