Thursday, 13 March 2014

Android or BlackBerry: Which would you pick?

We all know Android and BlackBerry are both smart phones and what makes them smart phones is that they have more capability and connectivity than any other basic feature phones. Smartphones provides essential functions like web browsing, multimedia entertainment, games, WiFi, access to 3rd party apps etc. – much like mini-computers.

Both Android and BlackBerry can do these things although they do it differently. Some think BlackBerry is still way better than Android while others think otherwise. Some are so annoyed about the craze of the blackberry thing that they prefer to stick to their android, after all it has a BBM too. While for some others its their baby. 

Tell us which is or BB? A lucky contributor stands a chance to win a phone.


  1. Android all the way
    there is this limitation i always feel when using a bb but android is just awesome

  2. Both Android and Blackberry are typically good brands of mobile phones but in real terms its very clear that android has been regarded as a very common commodity in the sense that almost everyday differnet type of android is being produced from different manufactures like infinix,tecno,zee,hawei e.t.c.As at today,more than 20 companies produce different kind of android thereby giving it series of competition inwhich each company produces a particular model of their android phone and don't even sell up to 100 pieces before releasing another model which is typically unlike blackberry.
    In terms of subscription in Nigeria and data drainage,blackberry users enjoy much more advantage in this because it cost less much than in android.Also in terms of data drainage,android do drain data much more faster because much application panel are opened at a time:even if they are not,it does drain much data when browsing.Thank you

  3. (1) The low cost of Android smartphones compared with those running other OSs such as BlackBerry's is one attraction, and their lead in the consumer market ensures they are familiar to many users.

    (2) Android can easily be customized to provide some interesting and useful enterprise applications.There is a huge ecosystem of productivity applications and software readily available for Android, as well as native support for Java based sites and improved security measures

    (3) In addition to the choice of apps, surfing the web is often easier on an Android device than a BlackBerry, and there is often less lag time when using instant messaging apps such as Skype on Android

    (4) SPEED: All Android devices has a higher RAM which enhances processing speed far better than all BlackberryDevices running OS

    (5) BATTERY LIFE: This is Undoubtedly unarguable, Android Device users can testify how there Battery
    lasts longer even when on 3G but the story is directly opposite for Blackberry users.

    And lots more

    With the few points mentioned, It clearly shows that Android is better than Blackberry not just in Nigeria but worldwide

    NB: That Blackberry Data plan is cheaper is not a good reason as Android took popularity not quite long and soon will be integrated and given a better Data plan by Telecom Operators. Again, someone mentioned that Android is everywhere. Oh YES! That's better as it will make the cost to be better...Take for Example when we had monopolistic Market in Telecom sector. What was the experience like ?

    FROM: Ike Ifeadika (

    1. Copying and pasting from sites

    2. Android is better than blackberry,so I prefer android phones

    3. The truth is still the truth, android is and will always be better than blackberry.

  4. Android o. I hate BlackBerry phones

  5. ANDROID all the way.. thats a no brainer

  6. Android has far better applacations, hardwear, layout and performance. Blackberry app world has just over 500 aplactions, whereas android market had over 3000,000. Blackerry are also prone to slugish behaviour and constant freezing. I'd recomend an android, as you'll get a much better smartphone.

  7. android is far better than BB

  8. Some are smart while others are smatter
    BB might be a smartphone...but Android phones are smarter, witty coupled with high grade performance
    If you want good value for your anyday!

  9. For me, Blackberry is way better. The latest BlackBerry OS is a cross between all three of the major OS competitors - Blackberry, iOS, Android. It has big graphical tabs on the Home screen for application short-cuts that will display real-time information.

    1.) It’s actually faster than Android.
    The BlackBerry 10 browser is slightly faster than any browser on Android-based devices. Even apps and email messages tend to open up quicker on Blackberry 10 than on android devices.

    2.) Better Keyboard/Virtual Keyboard
    The physical QWERTY keyboard on most of its models gives Blackberry an edge over Android phones when it comes to typing. Also the PREDICTIVE TYPING on the latest version of the OS is awesome. while typing, it predicts the word you might want to create. If it ends up being the one you actually want, you simply swipe and it appears instantly. This saves time and works well when typing at blisteringly fast speeds. Like other aspects of the BlackBerry 10 operating system, predictive typing takes a little getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it’s very intuitive.

    3.) Fewer apps means they are easier to find
    People rave about Android having hundreds of thousands of apps more than the Blackberry, but in some ways, this is actually a blessing in disguise as fewer apps means they’re easier to find. Finding useful apps in the Android play store is significantly more difficult, especially if you want to look beyond the top 10 paid and unpaid apps list.

    Since the app pickings are slimmer on the Blackberry OS, most of the main apps the average smartphone user takes advantage of are already available anyway. Popular apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are ready and waiting for you to download, and that’s all most users will be looking for anyway.

    The Android Market may have an extensive array of applications free to download, but many of them are crapware (i.e., useless apps) as Google doesn’t screen applications before they go online. You have to go through a lot of poorly designed apps before finding a decent one that matches your criteria.

    4.) Push Email Technology.
    Owners of BlackBerry devices are always up to date when it comes to messaging. BlackBerry easily integrates push email technology in a breeze, allowing you to instantly receive messages as soon as they start showing up in your inbox. With BlackBerry’s push email service, you can easily receive and send messages in just a matter of seconds.

    BlackBerry 10 features the Hub - a central inbox for all of your incoming e-mails, SMS, BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), Facebook & Twitter messages and more. Unlike Android where each app requires you to launch in order to follow up or reply, with BlackBerry 10, you can reply to all of these alerts right from the Hub. Meaning you don't have to go into different apps to reply to notifications such as e-mail or SMS.

    5.) Data Management.
    The lifeblood that makes BlackBerry phones a stable choice for many corporate officials would be its handling of data compression. BlackBerry phones are capable enough for compressing data down to half the size, saving you the cost of expensive bandwidth.

    Over all, I will say that Blackberry with their latest OS is better than Android.

  10. Of course Android is way better, Airtel u guys can do us a favour and reduce the price of data plans for Android

  11. For me both are good operating system, let me list some
    advantages and disadvantages the two

    Advantages of Blackberry.
    1. Great data compression that can save
    you some precious data at the end of
    the month.
    2. Seemingly unlimited data. Why do I
    say this? Check at the bottom of almost
    all the network websites, on the
    blackberry bundle page, they always
    state "fair usage applies".
    4. Great push email and office apps.
    5. All data passes through blackberry
    server hence, increased security.

    Disadvantages of Blackberry.
    1. BIS subscription is necessary to
    enjoy any of the above features.
    2. You can't share your data with your
    other devices.
    3.No radio
    4few good games
    5.low Ram and Rom
    6.Drains battery
    7.Too expensive

    Advantages of Android.
    1. Great selection of apps, especially if
    you are a geek.
    2. Tweakablilty. You can control a lot of
    things in it easily, from startup apps to
    downright changing your OS to a
    different version even before they ever
    release it for the phone.
    4. Great office apps (with native pdf
    5. You get great hardware at a cheaper
    6. Variety of makers and devices to
    choose from, Samsung, S.E. HTC, LG,
    Motorola, Huawei etc.
    7.Ability to share your data connection.
    8.its cheap .eg tecno
    Disadvantages of Android.
    1. Having too much apps can drain the
    battery faster than normal espcially
    data consuming apps.
    2. No data compression like BB hence,
    more data might be required.

    So i think both operating system are great and since Airtel has granted android users to use bis.

    By Oloye Damilola Emmanuel

  12. Before the advent of Android smartphones,the RIM CEO was asked whether the devices would be a threat to Blackberry and he comfortably disposed such from occuring.

    As at today all phone producers are shifting to the Android platform.There is no gain saying,android smartphones are cheaper,durable and highly multipurposeful.Blackberry can't keep up with the pace android devices are taken over the mobile world.

    So in my opinion @AirtelBlog ANDROID RULES.Thanks

    1. my name is Adebajo Yinka

    2. My name is Kolade, jones olatunji, Android have it, you can never compare blackberry with Android phones in terms of strength and reliability what is blackberry, only tried to give us cheap subscriptions like blackberry,y no more no less, thanks

  13. I support android all d way..........#android

  14. Android is far, better than Blackberry. However, am not commenting because of the phone to be won, or for comparing Blackberry to Android(cos there are no point of comparison), however, it is the high time you guys over there in Airtel, work to remove the dichotomy between BlackBerry plans and Android data plans. Thanks

  15. Android phones are generally better devices. BBs were only good for bbm, the QWERTY keypad and the ease at which you can download music. I wouldnt buy a blackberry phone now sha....

  16. Android is way better. Its already a known fact all around the world that BB has lost it. Given the present trends in technology, IT demands and applications, this is an unfair comparison. We should be comparing android and iOS, not android and BB. Any one who truly knows or has used both platforms (Android and BlackBerry) wouldn't hesitate a split second to give it up to Android.

  17. Android is is better than blackberry so to say.Looking at the market domination of android sef

  18. Android is only better than the old Blackberry's. With BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry wipes out its competitors. But of course many of you have not even tried to test out the new Blackberry's.
    With my BlackBerry Z30, I have a battery life of nothing less than 27 hours on very heavy use. And at least 3 days on light use.
    The BlackBerry 10 devices also have the best browser. You can check that out yourself by going to on an android phone and on a BlackBerry 10 phone and compare the scores yourself. The browser is soo good, it can continue your download if your download fails.
    Typing is a major factor in our lives. It's what we do most of the time. We all know BlackBerry has the best physical keyboard, what people don't know is that they also have the best Virtual keyboard. I don't even type anymore with my Z30, I just flick the suggested words that appear on the keyboard, you can watch this video to see what I'm talking about -
    My Z30 comes with a quad core Gpu. No game ever lags. And I'm talking about games like Modern combat 4, Real racing 3, and Mass effect. Plus many of you do not know that, the new Blackberry's have an Os so powerful (QNX) that it can run Android apps. And apps are the only things android phones can really boast of. So having a Blackberry 10 device gives you best of both worlds. Awesome!!!!
    The BlackBerry 10 camera also has something called time shift. Where you can take pictures of people and go back and forward in time, see this video to see what I mean -
    The BlackBerry HUB is another amazing feature. It's a place where all your messages are kept and organised, so you don't have to go jumping from app to app to reply messages. I could go on and on. But I'll stop here with my favourite feature: connecting my phone to my TV because my phone has a standard HDMI Port. Playing games and watching movies or even browsing has never been much fun.
    Unfortunately the new Blackberry's are not popular and people won't even give them a chance, because they won't forgive the Old Blackberry's.
    Oh well, I have used an Ipad, an S4, and a Z10. And because of that I can proudly say that my Z30, is the best, right nw. The Q10 is another great device. If you have used all three of platforms like I have. Then deep down you know the truth. Oh and can I have that prize nw :)

    1. You've elaborated with great knowledge and experience on the new BB which runs on the most dynamic, robust and versatile mobile platform in the world, the QNX. Unfortunately, most of these users have never used BB 10, so they don't have an insightful opinion on d BB. Many Android phones are far below standards and have high emission rates. I don't need to say much anymore you've captured it succinctly.

    2. Thank You for this Comment... Naïve and Ignorant people... QNX the future!. Program in Qml or C++

  19. It has to b android....anyone who goes for bb is obviously a dumbass.

  20. For me, i go with Blackberry. I own an Android and a legacy Blackberry (curve 3) and i daresay, i dislike my Android phone. In fact, the only feature my Android phone has that I need (and why i still haven't sold it) is the mobile hotspot feature. I am actually considering getting a Blackberry Q5 with OS 10.2.1 because of the Android run-time it has that enables you to use most android apps on it. It also has a better battery and it offers me all the advantages of Android and none of its disadvantages (bad battery, no physical keypad, worst multitasking I've ever used!).

    Most people buy Androids cos of the games and entertainment it provides. It's a phone for people that want something fun but for real workaholics, a BB is the gadget you need.

  21. There is no need to compare Blackberry with Android. Android ecosystem far outspace Blackberry and offer more functionality than of that Blackberry. Besides the flexibility of use, it offers a wide range of application yet available in BB system.

  22. The best blackberry devices aren't in the ranks of the best Windows Phone much more Android devices. Windows Phone overtaking them in market share is evidence axiomatically Android shouldn't be compared.

    That said, In Nigeria, Youths want access to high speed, affordable internet service and Telecoms as of now favour BlackBerry more; the data given is more and the price is very cheap compared to getting the same amount of data on other smart phones (the reason most of my friends use and won't leave the dying blackberry)

    Also, low end blackberry phones are just damn slow... Seriously! You can't restart your phone in an emergency and hope to start using it in an a few seconds. And yes, the spin too.... annoying. Low end Android phones with more or less the same RAM as the low end blackberry phones don't have that problem.

    As for Android phones, there are over a million apps on Google Play, you can customize to your hearts content, and as if one isn't satisfied... You can fire up your computer and start using your app in a couple minutes. Blackberry although has a steady app store has more of its developers leaving the platform.

    Although, the majority of apps on Android house a malware or something, some naïve users use apps that are infected. Downloading a free Antivirus like Sophos Mobile Security or if you can spare some change with BitDefender Antivirus, one is guaranteed a modicum of security.

    The only "cool" thing going for BlackBerry is the Messenger App, BBM and now its available on Android. A move that could have saved the company years ago.

    So, for people sticking to BlackBerry, I would say the majority are in for the affordable data plan, people with large thumbs making a physical keyboard their only option and... Well, a survey might be needed for others.

    Everything on Android is customizable.... Battery getting low too fast? there is a fix for that, don't like the OSK, there is a fix for that... Don't like something there isn't yet a fix for, download the SDK and make a fix for it, simple. The same can't be said for a BlackBerry.

    In conclusion, Android is better than Blackberry OS.

    1. #GBAM.....most of the ppl commenting on here dont know that Android is an "OS"......they are comparing hardware

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  24. As for me Android phones have their pros and cons, so do blackberry phones. There are certain school of thought about android phones some people feel thatthe most essential feature of a phone is its user interface and android phones provide that better than blackberry phones in the sense that its operating systerm/ OS provides a stronger graphical prowess compared to most blackberry phones. However having said that the battery life of android phones have been tested by mobile tech experts to be better than that of the BlackBerry phones. But blackberry phones provide a better data plan for those who are more interested in cost effective measures than other user features so also blackberry apps are said to be more certified and malfunction less than android apps even though they are limited in size and dynamism . Most users are most satisfied with android mobile phones than blackberry phones. Because of different reasons exclusive to each user but if it was left to me i would still get an android . Why? Because of its processing speed and in most cases even the ice scream sandwich OS has a better processing speed than a blackberry and most of all its an android men.