Monday, 10 February 2014

Mobile Ads Gist

InMobi is making its biggest push so far in capturing a larger share of the $11.9 billion mobile advertising market, as it launches its new video ad platformtoday.
The new mobile video platform also underscores InMobi’s growing ambitions beyond being a pure ad network, and seriously challenge Google and Facebook as a more broad-based rival in the ecosystem. Last year in October, InMobi launched a white label app store for publishers to boost mobile ads.

InMobi’s transition to becoming a more broad-based mobile ad company reflects a much deeper shift in the market. As the installed base of smartphones is rising, users are spending much more time consuming content on their mobiles. Everybody from Google to Facebook are following this shift, and it’s becoming exciting to track how each one of them is innovating in a year when traditional banner ads are supposed to be dead.

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