Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Huawei Launched

Huawei has announced its first wearable device, the Talkband B1, which combines fitness tracking with the ability to make phone calls. When you first think about the combination it is a bit awkward, but the way in which Huawei has made it, it makes perfect sense.
The pop-out ear piece supports
wireless calling, so you can remove the flexible display from the band and use it to complete phone calls when on the go. For those who look to reduce the number of electronics in their day to day life, this dual purpose band will definitely appeal to them. Huawei states that the band will last for six days of use on a single charge, and charges in about two hours.

Currently there is no pricing announced for the Talkband B1, but it will be hitting China next month, and then in Q2 a broader roll out to countries like Japan, Middle East, Russia and Europe.

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