Thursday, 20 February 2014

Carrot Fitness App

Most fitness apps try to nicely encourage you to lose weight. Carrot Fit is not like these apps. The first thing it does is declare itself your “fitness overlord.” After that, it guides you to your ideal weight through insults and judgements, like a digital Don Rickles-Richard Simmons hybrid. And a horrible hybrid it is. We like the idea, but after trying to lose weight and get in shape the Carrot way, we wish we chose the stick instead.
The real problem with Carrot Fit is that it’s a novelty. It isn’t good at tracking weight.

If you’re familiar with the family of Carrot apps, you know what you’re going to get in to with Carrot Fit. Like the To-Do and Alarm apps before it, Carrot Fit employs an anti-Siri to help you reach your goals. Rather than take your commands, Carrot gives you its instead, insisting you check in regularly and lose weight, or else.

If you’re looking at Carrot Fit as a weight tracker, it’s not going to dig deep enough to provide you what you need. Get a more comprehensive service. However, if you’re looking to feel the burn in more ways than one: first at the gym and then when you weigh in, Carrot Fit might give you a few laughs. Or it might just make you really depressed. The good news is, it can’t tell when you’re lying to it. So tell it you lost weight and it will believe you, just like your mind believes you when you say “I’m going to the gym tomorrow, for real this time.” Carrot Fit is available on the iTunes App Store.

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  1. This would be wonderful. I wish it was on blackberry, most of this bb weight apps are complicated and unreal.