Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Bing Launches New Apps On Windows Phone 8


Bing launched three news Windows Phone 8 apps Tuesday: Bing Food and Drink, Bing Health and Fitness, and Bing Travel.

In addition to the new apps, Microsoft's search engine updated its existing Windows Phone 8 apps, and announced that all Bing apps will now sync across Windows 8 devices.

"Set up your favorite cities for weather, pick your favorite sports teams, chose the news topics you want to follow, and those things will be with you at your PC at work, on your Windows 8 tablet in the living room or on your Windows Phone when you are on the go," Bing said in a blog post announcing the changes.

The new lifestyle apps offer a host of tools for planning and tracking meals, health and fitness data, as well as travel plans.

Food and Drink is an extensive food and beverage guide. The app has more than 600,000 recipes culled from recipes sites such as, and For drinks, it includes a wine encyclopedia, which catalogs tasting notes from more than a million bottles of wine, as well as a cocktail guide with recipes for popular cocktails.

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