Sunday, 19 January 2014

Exchange business cards by handshake

Imagine if you could transmit your contact details simply with a handshake. Well, that is exactly what Microsoft wants you to be able to do.
Exchanging business cards is the act of an analogue era long past. Today, most people simply punch the number of a new contact straight into their mobiles. Smartphones aren't just replacing landlines, they're also doing away with the Little Black Book.
Under a patent application submitted by Microsoft, it proposes using the human body to transmit information. An electronic band worn on the wrist would produce an electrical signal that can be transmitted through the wearer's skin.
The band would receive information in a similar way before transmitting it to a device such as a mobile phone or computer. One handshake and all that logistical work is done for you.
And the possibilities wouldn't stop there. Microsoft also believes the band could be used to send electronic messages and even pay for goods or services. They even envisage a situation where contracts and business deals could be conducted simply with a shake of hands.
Culled from the Telegraph!

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