Sunday, 15 December 2013

Instagram Direct: All you need to know

On Thursday, Instagram unveiled Instagram Direct, a new way for users to send photos to private groups or individuals. This new feature is available for iOS and Android. Instagram Direct is designed around the idea that sometimes, you don't want to share a photo with the world; instead, you want to share it with a specific person or a small group. :

Here are some of the features:
  • Instagram Direct is allows users exchange photos without following each other.
  • If a user you follow sends a photo or video using Instagram Direct, it goes into your Instagram Direct inbox. Open the photo or video to comment, Like or reply with a new photo or video.
  • If a user you don't follow sends a photo, it pops up as a "pending" request. You can choose to either approve or deny the request. If you approve it, the Instagram Direct photo shows up in your inbox. If you deny, it disappears into the ether.
  • You can send an Instagram Direct to up to 15 users at once.
  • If you accept a pending request, you don't necessarily have to follow that user. It only means you are agreeing to view that specific photo or video.
  • If your account is private, you can use Instagram direct without breaking your 'Privacy' rule
If you do not have the instagram app already, go to your device appastore to get it for free. If you already have instagram, ensure the app is updated to begin sending direct messages on instagram. :)



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